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ORANGE COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br />Meeting Date: December 10, 2002 <br />Action Agen a <br />Item No. _ <br />SUBJECT• Approval of Recommendations from the Greene Tract Work Group <br />DEPARTMENT: County Manager PUBLIC HEARING: (YIN) No <br />ATTACHMENT(S): <br />6/26/02 Work Group Resolution <br />(incorporates Map of Concept Plan) <br />INFORMATION CONTACT: <br />Rod Visser, 245-2308 <br />Dave Stancil, 245-2598 <br />Chapel Hill <br />Durham <br />Mebane <br />TELEPHONE NUMBERS: <br />Hillsborough 732-8181 <br />968-4501 <br />688-7331 <br />336-227-2031 <br />PURPOSE: To consider formal approval of the recommendations from the Greene Tract <br />Work Group regarding the disposition of the 104 acres of the Greene Tract that remain in joint <br />ownership. <br />BACKGROUND: The solid waste management interlocal agreement signed by the County <br />and Towns in September 1999 and amended in March 2000 lays out parameters under which <br />the Greene Tract owners are to resolve the ultimate disposition of the approximately 104 acres <br />of that parcel that remain in joint ownership. The agreement also addresses how the Solid <br />Waste/Landfill Enterprise Fund is to be reimbursed if the property is put to uses that are not <br />related to the solid waste enterprise. The interlocal agreement anticipated that the Greene <br />Tract owners would reach agreement on the disposition of the property during a bargaining <br />period that concluded on April 17, 2002 (the two year anniversary of the effective date upon <br />which Orange County assumed overall responsibility for solid waste management in Orange <br />County). <br />The Greene Tract Work Group provided an interim report to the three governing boards in the <br />form of a resolution dated March 21, 2002. That resolution requested that each of the three <br />governing boards approve an extension to the bargaining period to allow the completion of <br />discussions that could lead to consensus on a concept plan for the remainder of the Greene <br />Tract. All three governing boards approved an extension of the bargaining period, which led to <br />the Work Group (with Commissioners Brown and Carey representing the BOCC) reaching <br />consensus on a concept plan for the ultimate disposition of the 104 acres of the Greene Tract <br />remaining under joint ownership. The accompanying resolution and concept plan map reflect <br />the Work Group's recommendations. <br />The BOCC received a report on the Work Group recommendations at the October 15, 2002 <br />meeting, and indicated general concurrence with the Work Group recommendations. Since that <br />time, the governing boards of Carrboro and Chapel Hill have both acted to accept the Work <br />