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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br /> Meeting Date: May 5, 2020 <br /> Action Agenda <br /> Item No. 6-a <br /> SUBJECT: Resolution Regarding a Lease Agreement between Chapel Hill-Carrboro City <br /> Schools (CHCCS) and Trinity3 Technology to Provide Computers for <br /> Students <br /> DEPARTMENT: Finance and Administrative Services <br /> ATTACHMENT(S): INFORMATION CONTACT: <br /> Attachment 1. Resolution Paul Laughton, (919) 245-2152 <br /> Gary Donaldson, (919) 245-2453 <br /> Patrick Abele, CHCCS Acting <br /> Superintendent, (919) 967-8211 <br /> Dave Scott, CHCCS Interim Executive <br /> Director of Technology, (919) 967- <br /> 8211 <br /> PURPOSE: To adopt a resolution approving a lease agreement between Chapel Hill-Carrboro <br /> City Schools (CHCCS) and Trinity3 Technology for the leasing of computers for students for FY <br /> 2020-24 to replace outdated and out of warranty equipment using a sustainable and predictable <br /> funding model. <br /> BACKGROUND: The CHCCS computing environment is multi-platform and has been for many <br /> years. Teachers, administrators, instructional support staff, and central office employees all use <br /> either a Windows or Apple based laptop (or desktop for some front office positions). In almost <br /> all cases, teachers also (primarily at the elementary level) have an Apple iPad tablet. <br /> For the past 5-6 years, CHCCS began using Chromebooks and iPads to replace Windows and <br /> Apple based computers for students. Apple iPads became (and are presently) the standard <br /> student device for grades K-2 (although some 2nd grade schools also use Chromebooks). For <br /> Grades 3-12, CHCCS standardized on Chromebooks for students. This was done not only <br /> because these devices are significantly less expensive and much easier to manage (than <br /> Windows and Apple OS devices), but also the introduction of Chromebooks coincided with the <br /> adoption of the Google G-Suite for Education platform at CHCCS. The District purchased <br /> Chromebooks in a staged approach, replacing Windows/Apple OS based devices first at the <br /> high schools, then middle schools, and eventually the Grade 3-5 ES school classrooms. <br /> In 2018-19, through several years of incremental purchasing of Lenovo model Chromebooks <br /> (1le, N21, N22, N23, 100e), the District achieved a 1:1 student to device ratio for Grades 3-12. <br /> However, these devices were used in a shared cart system for all grades. When needed, <br /> teachers scheduled the use of a cart. Students did not carry devices between classrooms and <br /> did not carry devices between classrooms and did not take them home. <br />