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Agenda Item #1 <br /> Attachment B <br /> DURHAM TECH <br /> Office of the President <br /> April 17,2020 <br /> Ms. Bonnie Hammersley <br /> Orange County Manager <br /> Post Office Box 8181 <br /> Hillsborough,NC 27278 <br /> Dear Ms. Hammersley: <br /> The FY 2020-21 Budget Request for Durham Technical Community College is attached for your <br /> review. Durham Technical Community College's request reflects a total increase of$54,698. This <br /> amount includes an increase of$40,483 or 4.10% in existing operating funds. <br /> The changes in Current Operating Expenses appear below: <br /> • An increase of$33,617, which is an increase of 8.7%. This increase includes a 2.5% increase <br /> for salaries and benefits to match the expected increases for state paid employees and to <br /> continue to pay all employees a livable wage and funds to cover back increases in retirement <br /> that had not be requested in the past. <br /> a $5,991 projected increase of 2% in the cost of utilities,contracted services and insurance. <br /> • $875 projected increase of 590 in funds for equipment and facility repairs, <br /> • A new request of$14,215,which is one-fourth of a new HVAC technician position to support <br /> the increase in facility maintenance needs. This request covers the Orange County portion of <br /> salary and benefits. <br /> With the closing of the Skills Development Center, the College may also require funds to rent <br /> instructional space in the coming year. This would only be needed if the renovated Europa Center <br /> does not provide enough space for our programs that were in the Skills Development Center. <br /> We thank you for your ongoing support of Durham Tech and look forward to serving the residents <br /> and organizations of Orange County in the coming year. Please call me if you have any questions <br /> about this request. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Will' Ingram <br /> Pre ent <br /> c: Andrew Kleitsch,Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services <br /> Durham Technical Community Col Boa durhamtech.cdrr <br /> Main Campus 1,37 Street / Rurham.t!or:h Carolina 27703 / 919-535-7250 1919 526-7295 fa. <br /> Northern Ourham Center ?-101 Snos:H 11.1cad / OLWIOM.N'Onh Carolina 27712 / 919-S13-7240 / 91J­.i95.5314 18.a <br /> Orange County Campus 5 Colleufl Flwk RoaU i HIIrlarouy`...Ploith CwOina 27278 1 919 536-7233 / 9F9-536-7297 fv< <br />