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1 <br /> PLANNING & INSPECTIONS DEPARTMENT <br /> Craig N. Benedict, AICP, Director <br /> Administration 131 W. Margaret Lane <br /> (919) 245-2575 Suite 201 <br /> (919) 644-3002 (FAX) ORANGE COUNTY P. O. Box 8181 <br /> NORTH CAROLINA Hillsborough, NC 27278 <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: Board of County Commissioners <br /> FROM: Craig Benedict, Planning Director <br /> Perdita Holtz, Planner III <br /> DATE: April 7, 2020 <br /> SUBJECT: Petition to Amend the Water and Sewer Management, Planning, <br /> and Boundary Agreement (WASMPBA) <br /> This memo is to inform the Board of County Commissioners that in mid-February, the <br /> attached petition was sent to all five signatories of the WASMPBA. The subject parcels are <br /> located in the Town of Chapel Hill's ETJ (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) so Town staff will be <br /> the lead on bringing forward any proposed amendments. The petition requests that two <br /> lots that were formerly within the Town's "urban service area" be allowed to tie-on to <br /> OWASA facilities that have are currently "stubbed out" to the lots. The Town retracted its <br /> urban service area in 2000 when its Comprehensive Plan was revised and the lots in <br /> question are now outside the revised urban service area. The WASMPBA was adopted in <br /> 2001 and reflected the Town's urban service area at the time. <br /> Additional staff analysis will be part of any future agenda items. Planners from the <br /> WASMPBA partners have met to begin discussions on this request. If additional <br /> information is needed, please contact Perdita Holtz at (919) 245-2578 or Craig Benedict at <br /> (919) 245-2592. <br />