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Universal Pre-K Study Status <br /> In response to a Board of Commissioner petition, County staff have initiated a data collection effort to <br /> analyze strategies that would expand pre-kindergarten educational opportunities and achieve universal <br /> pre-kindergarten coverage. Staff is gathering information on the universe of projected need, barriers to <br /> accessing current child care and pre-kindergarten programs, and the general magnitude of costs for <br /> expanding current services. <br /> The ability to expand pre-kindergarten education, at least in the short term, will also rely on adequate <br /> private and public facilities to serve additional students. The County's preliminary work will also attempt <br /> to assess the current capacity available for additional pre-kindergarten education. <br /> The initial work on student demand, capacity, and potential short term and long term costs will be <br /> presented to the Board of County Commissioners prior to budget discussions for additional feedback and <br /> direction. <br />