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BUDGET UPDATE - Considerations for FY21 Budget <br /> Potential items being considered for FY21 budget requests. <br /> The FY21 Orange County Local Operating Budget Request will include those items the full Board <br /> seeks funding to support, which will include items not listed here. <br /> LOCALLY FUNDED <br /> Orange County Government Orange County Schools <br /> Insurance, Health &Wellness: <br /> Health Insurance(pays employee and part of <br /> dependent coverage) <br /> Self-Funded Dental thru Ameritas (investigating if can pay <br /> Dental Insurance(pays employee coverage) portion for employees) <br /> Financial&Retirement: <br /> 401K/457 Plan contribution up to$63 per pay period, <br /> min$27.50 per pay period. Employer Match option on 401k/403B(costing options) <br /> Paid National Conference for POY <br /> SALARY and PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT RELATED <br /> Bus Driver Attendance Bonus <br /> Bus Driver Retention Bonus <br /> Bus Driver Signing Bonus <br /> National Board Certified Teacher Pay(we keep 12%supplement <br /> in place if staff do not qualify for state funding) <br /> Family& Parenting: <br /> Paid Parental Leave(if qualifies for FMLA) Parental Leave and/or FMLA leave <br /> 2 Inclement weather Days Paid(tied to calendar) <br /> Perks & Discounts: <br /> Employee Discount Program Employee Discounts Program <br /> 80%Discount at Sportsplex 40%Discount at Sportsplex <br /> Commuter Checks&Assistance(Ride-Share) <br /> Other Initiatives: <br /> Equity Professional Dev'I <br /> Equity Department Expansion <br />