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L <br /> Facilities Capital, Maintenance & Operation Summary <br /> Orange County Schools strives to provide well maintained, safe, sustainable, and <br /> welcoming facilities for our community, students and employees. We attempt to <br /> meet this goal through short and long-range facility planning, completion of <br /> sustainability, deferred and preventive maintenance programs and through regular <br /> upkeep, repair and renovation projects. <br /> The district monitors current facility conditions and utilizes industry standards for <br /> reviewing facility needs. A comprehensive facility assessment was completed in <br /> 2014. A safety, security and emergency management assessment was conducted in <br /> 2013. Roof assessment studies, parking lot assessment studies, indoor air quality <br /> assessments and end-of-life project schedules have also been completed. A10-year <br /> Capital Investment Plan is utilized to identify funding of projects for the one-year <br /> allocated annual county capital appropriations. <br /> The district receives annual capital funding for all facility needs, operations, <br /> maintenance repairs including technology upgrades, activity buses and facility <br /> services from the following county funding sources: <br /> Debt Financing: $1,599,236 <br /> Pay Go (NC Lottery): $558,978 <br /> Article 46 Sales Tax (technology) $81001 <br /> Older Facility Improvements $39800* <br /> Recurring Capital $1,19500 <br /> Deferred Maintenance $1,195,800* <br /> 2020 Total Annual Capital Allotment: $5,759,215 <br /> *Note: The scheduled funding of these allotments ends in FY 21. This amounts to <br /> a loss of capital funding of$1,594,400. <br />