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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> NORTH CAROLINA <br /> FINANCE and ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES <br /> Gary Donaldson,CTP,Chief Financial Officer I 1 200 S.Cameron Street,Hillsborough,NC 27278 1919.245.2453 <br /> To: Board of County Commissioners <br /> From: Gary Donaldson, Chief Financial Officer <br /> Date: November 19,2019 <br /> Re: FY 2019-20 First Quarter Financial Report <br /> Please find attached a summary of FY 2019-20 first quarter financial report for the General Fund,Enterprise <br /> Funds, and Special Revenue Funds. The notes at the end of each table provide variance explanations. The <br /> variance compares the current fiscal year year-to-date results with the prior fiscal year. <br /> Based on three-months of fiscal year reporting and our financial model,the General Fund,Enterprise Funds, and <br /> Special Revenue Funds first quarter financial performance are consistent with the adopted budget.A summary of <br /> our investment balances and yield is included as well. <br /> Finance continues to monitor any material variances not attributed to timing and will provide updates as <br /> necessary. <br /> cc: Bonnie Hammersley, County Manager <br /> Enclosures <br /> Orange County Government I 1919.732.8181 <br />