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DRAFT Date Prepared: 11/08/19 <br /> Date Revised: 11/13/19 <br /> BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions <br /> (Individuals with a*by their name are the lead facilitators for the groupof individuals res onsible for an item) <br /> Meeting Task Target Person(s) Status <br /> Date Date Responsible <br /> 11/7/19 Review and consider request from member of the public 5/l/2020 Gary Donaldson, To be addressed as part of 2020- <br /> that the County investigate the possibility of funding a pool Paul Laughton, 21 Manager's Recommended <br /> fee waiver at the Sportsplex during the day during the 2020- &David Stancil Budget <br /> 21 fiscal year <br /> 11/7/19 Review and consider a request from Commissioner Bedford 2/l/2020 ChairNice DONE <br /> that a re-examination of the composition and diversity of the Chair/Manager Addressed as part of Board <br /> Climate Action Committee (CAC)be pursued to add discussion and in CAC meeting <br /> diversity minutes provided to BOCC <br /> 11/7/19 Review and consider request by Commissioner Bedford that 2/l/2020 Brenda Human Resources staff to review <br /> the County review Human Resources' practice and policy Bartholomew and provide information update <br /> on requesting information on salary history from job to the BOCC <br /> applicants and consider eliminating that information request <br /> 11/7/19 Review and consider request by Commissioner Marcoplos 2/1/2020 Theo Letman, Transit, Elections, and <br /> that staff review opportunities to coordinate transit and Rachel Raper, & Community Relations staff to <br /> voting and encouraging residents to take public transit to the Todd McGee consult on potential <br /> polls for upcoming elections transit/voting educational effort, <br /> with potential video, involving <br /> transit, carpooling, and ride- <br /> sharing <br /> 11/7/19 Review and consider request by Commissioner Rich for 12/31/2019 Todd McGee Staff to provide Information Item <br /> follow-up on previous petition item related to 2020 Census with December 2, 2019 Business <br /> Complete County Committee Meeting agenda regarding <br /> outreach, educational process, <br /> expenditures, and month by <br /> month timeline of <br /> activities/events <br /> 11/7/19 Review and consider request by Commissioner Rich that the 2/l/2020 Gary Donaldson Requests to be made <br /> County make a request to both school systems for quarterly Paul Laughton <br /> reports by facility on maintenance and capital improvements <br /> efforts <br />