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�J <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> ARTS COMMISSION <br /> Memo to: Orange County Board of County Commissioners <br /> From: Katie Murray, Orange County Arts Commission Director <br /> CC: Travis Myren, Deputy County Manager <br /> Date: September 10, 2019 <br /> Re: Orange County Local Roots Festival 2020 (formerly Orange County LocalFest) <br /> The first planning meeting for Orange County Local Fest took place on Friday, <br /> September 6, 2019. This memo serves as an update regarding the initial plans for <br /> the 2020 festival: <br /> • The event will take place on Saturday,June 6 from 12-6pm at Blackwood <br /> Farm Park. <br /> • In order to better describe the nature and character of the festival,the <br /> planning committee recommended rebranding the event as Orange County <br /> Local Roots Festival:A Celebration of Local Music,Art, and Tradition. Being only in the festival's second year, <br /> the committee felt there will be minimal branding confusion and the name change will contribute towards <br /> a more successful event. <br /> • The event will be under the coordination and director of the Orange County Arts Commission director, <br /> Katie Murray. Murray has more than twenty years'experience in event and festival planning and <br /> production. <br /> • The goal of the event is to offer Orange County residents a free and diverse community festival celebrating <br /> our local music,arts,and traditions. <br /> • The 2020 festival will be similar in scope to the 2018 event,featuring local food,beverage,arts and <br /> entertainment,and traditional agricultural and farming practices.These themes will be expanded upon, <br /> offering even more experiences,and as a result,attracting more attendees. <br /> For additional information or suggestions,please contact Katie Murray at 919.245-2335 or <br /> kmurray <br /> ORANGE COUNTY ARTS COMMISSION <br /> 200 South Cameron Street I Hillsborough,NC 27278 <br /> 919.245.2335 1 I <br />