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INFORMATION ITEM 1 <br /> PLANNING & INSPECTIONS DEPARTMENT <br /> Craig N. Benedict, AICP, Director <br /> Administration 131 W. Margaret Lane <br /> (919) 245-2575 Suite 201 <br /> (919) 644-3002 (FAX) ORANGE COUNTY P. O. Box 8181 <br /> NORTH CAROLINA Hillsborough, NC 27278 <br /> IqL <br /> • <br /> ® ® �. `► � <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: Board of County Commissioners <br /> FROM: Michael D. Harvey— Current Planning Supervisor <br /> Craig Benedict— Planning Director <br /> CC: Tom Altieri — Comprehensive Planning Supervisor <br /> John Roberts — County Attorney <br /> DATE: <br /> SUBJECT: RESPONSE TO PETITION Regarding Development of Affordable <br /> Housing within Orange County <br /> This memorandum is in response to a petition made at the June 6, 2019 BOCC meeting <br /> regarding the encouragement of `affordable housing'. <br /> On June 11, 2019 staff prepared and disseminated a BOCC Information Request <br /> Outline form (Attachment 1) providing an initial response. What follows is additional <br /> detail on current policies and existing opportunities/limitations as well as a summary of <br /> policy initiatives for further review and discussion. <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: North Carolina local governments have limited tools to <br /> encourage/promote the development of affordable housing within their communities. <br /> Orange County promotes development of affordable housing through a voluntary <br /> program allowing for density bonuses (i.e. allowing more total units per acre) for <br /> projects proposing housing for low or moderate income households. As indicated this is <br /> a voluntary program and developers are currently not required to participate. <br /> Impediments to the current program include regulatory limits on where density bonuses <br /> are permitted, compliance with dimensional standards for various general use zoning <br /> districts, availability of public infrastructure (i.e. water and sewer), and project review <br /> processes/requirements. <br /> While local government's legal ability to compel or require development of affordable <br /> housing is still in question, the County could revise existing policies/regulations to create <br /> additional incentives to bolster the existing voluntary program. Certain potential policy <br />