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DRAFT Date Prepared: 10/18/23 <br /> Date Revised: 10/24/23 <br /> BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions <br /> Meeting Date Commissioner/ Description Target Department Department Status Date <br /> Sponsor Date Director Completed <br /> Assigned <br /> 10/17/2023 McKee Request that staff connect 11/2023 Equity and Shameka Staff to make <br /> with other organizations/ Inclusion Fairbanks contacts <br /> entities to determine ways <br /> Orange County can assist <br /> with the rescue and <br /> repatriation of US citizens <br /> from the Middle East <br /> 10/17/2023 Bedford In light of the Town of 1/2024 Planning & Cy Stober Staff to provide <br /> Chapel Hill's proposed Inspections information <br /> amendments to the Water <br /> and Sewer Management, <br /> Planning and Boundary <br /> Agreement (WASMPBA), <br /> provide information to the <br /> Board on impacts on water <br /> standards, water run-off, <br /> and the associated State <br /> rules that would apply <br /> 10/17/2023 Board Follow-up on requests 11/2023 County Bonnie Chair and Vice- DONE <br /> submitted by members of Manager Hammersley Chair directed <br /> the public regarding the the County <br /> Board giving direction to Manager to let <br /> the Manager and staff the standard <br /> regarding siting the new process of <br /> proposed solid waste and review move <br /> recycling center forward <br />