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DRAFT Date Prepared: 09/06/23 <br /> Date Revised: 09/11/23 <br /> BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions <br /> Meeting Date Commissioner/ Description Target Department Department Status Date <br /> Sponsor Date Director Completed <br /> Assigned <br /> 9/5/2023 BOCC Follow-up on resident 10/2023 County Bonnie Lumos has been <br /> comments related to Manager Hammersley consulted to <br /> Broadband installation by review mapping <br /> Lumos and the impacts for service needs <br /> and options related to the and construction <br /> "doughnut" near Efland plans and asked <br /> to provide <br /> County staff with <br /> follow-up info <br /> 9/5/2023 BOCC Follow-up on concerns 10/2023 Housing Sharron To be followed <br /> raised by resident related Hinton up <br /> to safety at the Landings at <br /> Winmore <br /> 9/5/2023 Portie-Ascott Develop resolution for 10/2023 Criminal Cait Resolution to be <br /> Board consideration Justice Fenhagen developed <br /> expressing support for re- Resource <br /> entry bills in the US House <br /> and US Senate <br /> 9/5/2023 Greene Incorporate comments as 9/2023 Housing Sharron To be <br /> appropriate from Hinton incorporated <br /> Commissioner Greene and <br /> other Board members into <br /> the CAPER prior to final <br /> submittal, including <br /> potentially a reference to <br /> affordable housing and <br /> transit <br />