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1 <br /> APPROVED 11/15/22 <br /> MINUTES <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> BUSINESS MEETING <br /> October 3, 2022 <br /> 7:00 p.m. <br /> The Orange County Board of Commissioners met for a Business Meeting on Monday, <br /> October 3, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Whitted Human Services Center in Hillsborough, NC. <br /> COUNTY COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Chair Renee Price, Vice Chair Jamezetta Bedford, <br /> and Commissioners Amy Fowler, Sally Greene, Jean Hamilton, Earl McKee, and Anna <br /> Richards <br /> COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ABSENT: None <br /> COUNTY ATTORNEYS PRESENT: John Roberts <br /> COUNTY STAFF PRESENT: County Manager Bonnie Hammersley, Deputy County Manager <br /> Travis Myren, and Clerk to the Board Laura Jensen. (All other staff members will be identified <br /> appropriately below) <br /> Chair Price called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. All commissioners were present. <br /> 1. Additions or Changes to the Agenda <br /> Commissioner Bedford noted she plans to pull item 8-e from the consent agenda during <br /> that portion of the agenda. <br /> Chair Price dispensed with reading the public charge. <br /> 2. Public Comments (Limited to One Hour) <br /> a. Matters not on the Printed Agenda <br /> Laura Bibb said she is a lifelong Orange County resident and attended public schools in <br /> Orange County. She said she graduated from UNC-Asheville in 2000 and UNC Law School in <br /> 2003. She said she and her husband settled here to raise their children. She said she is <br /> concerned by what appears to be a lack of a strategic approach to development in Efland. She <br /> said there are growing numbers of public hearings and more industrial warehouses being built. <br /> She said there is an increase in heavy traffic from warehouses and trucks. She also said the <br /> warehouses give trucks an additional excuse to bypass the weigh station on 1-40/85. She said it <br /> is a narrow and dangerous road with lots of curves and a 55 miles per hour speed limit. She <br /> said there is also a school and soccer complex there, so the road is traveled frequently by <br /> children and families. She said driving down West Ten Rd. is dangerous, and creates noise and <br /> environmental pollution around a school that is currently struggling. She said Gravelly Hill has a <br /> rating of an F. She said she is concerned by the lack of concern the Commissioners have about <br /> development there. <br /> b. Matters on the Printed Agenda <br /> (These matters will be considered when the Board addresses that item on the agenda below.) <br /> 3. Announcements, Petitions and Comments by Board Members <br /> Commissioner Hamilton said she had no comments. <br /> Commissioner Greene said she went to a talk last week at the botanical garden by <br /> Johnny Randall who spoke about native wildflowers and how they grow in utility line easements <br />