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ORANGE COU f T <br /> NORTH CAROLINA <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: Board of County Commissioners <br /> Bonnie Hammersley, Orange County Manager <br /> Travis Myren, Orange County Deputy Manager <br /> FROM: Cy Stober, Planning & Inspections Director <br /> CC: Perdita Holtz, AICP, Special Project Supervisor <br /> Patrick Mallett, Interim Current Planning Supervisor <br /> All Current Planning Staff <br /> DATE: October 3, 2022 <br /> SUBJECT: Proposed Unified Development Ordinance Amendment to <br /> Address Efficiencies & Accessory Dwellings <br /> Staff is initiating a text amendment to Article 5, Section 5 of the Unified Development Ordinance <br /> to allow for larger accessory structures and "Efficiency Apartments". Based upon concerns <br /> expressed by the Board of County Commissioners and the public regarding limited affordable <br /> housing options, staff is proposing to allow for larger accessory units to primary residences, <br /> which will be consistent with other counties in the area and region. It will also clarify allowances <br /> for"attached" and "detached" units. The goal of these efforts is to make an accessory unit more <br /> appealing to single-family property owners for use by relatives and/or tenants by allowing a <br /> larger footprint than the current 800-square foot maximum threshold. <br /> Please communicate any feedback or questions to Tyler Sliger, Planner II <br /> (tsliger(o)-orangecountync.qov) or Cy Stober, Planning & Inspections Director <br /> (cstober <br />