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2 <br /> continued disrespect and breeches of confidentiality by the Community Home Trust and <br /> Landings management. She said the Landings management treats her like a roach on the wall <br /> and is trying to silence her. She said over the past years, the Landings management and <br /> Community Home Trust have continued to foster an environment of distress, discrimination, <br /> inequities, mismanagement, mistreatment, disenfranchisement, and exclusion. She said the <br /> CHT-Landings LLC operation agreement is not being adhered to. She said since 2018 a stolen <br /> bike rack has not been replaced, and CHT refuses to adhere to the policy that Orange County <br /> set to allow residents to conduct a short recertification for six years. She said there is <br /> preferential treatment for one resident out of 58 units who has an assigned parking spot, and <br /> she said it is a fair housing issue. She said dismantlement of awnings, improper management <br /> tactics, and removal of residents' space to accommodate the site manager are injustices. She <br /> said new barriers to use the community garden space directly impacted her ability to run her <br /> food justice non-profit Grow to Life, which teaches gardening and nutrition to members. She <br /> said when she and others moved to the Landings, the Winmore residents didn't want them <br /> there and didn't want them using the pool. She said the same race and class issue is <br /> happening now with the community garden. She asked the Board to look at the policies and <br /> practices of Community Home Trust, particularly for racial equity, the recertification process, <br /> and dignity for residents, since the County is a significant funder of that organization. <br /> b. Matters on the Printed Agenda <br /> (These matters will be considered when the Board addresses that item on the agenda below.) <br /> 3. Announcements, Petitions and Comments by Board Members <br /> Commissioner Richards said she was pleased to be able to participate in Juneteenth <br /> activities in Hillsborough and Chapel Hill, as well as the historic courthouse proceeding last <br /> Friday. She said she appreciates the significance of these activities and thanked the towns and <br /> court partners for taking action to recognize this occasion and rectify a wrong that was done to <br /> Freedom Riders in our community 75 years ago. She said she was honored to be at the <br /> renaming of the Chapel Hill Transit offices yesterday for former Mayor and Mrs. Lee. She said it <br /> is a well-deserved honor and recognizes the transit system in Orange County as one of the best <br /> in the nation. <br /> Commissioner Fowler said she attended the TARPO meeting on June 9, 2022. She <br /> informed the Board that Matt Day, previous director of TARPO, is now the director of <br /> transportation at TJCOG. She said one interesting announcement from the NCDOT newsletter <br /> is that as of May 2023, all US travelers will need a Real ID or passport to board any domestic or <br /> international flights. She said there was an ABC Board meeting this morning and Patrick Burns <br /> was nominated as Chair and this will come to Board for approval later in the meeting. She said <br /> the ABC Board has aligned its travel policy to be consistent with the state policy, so the Board <br /> will no longer have to approve the policy going forward. She said there were a record number of <br /> sales this year for the ABC Board, and it approved increased funding to agencies that provide <br /> alcohol rehab and education. <br /> Commissioner Greene seconded Commissioner Richards's appreciation for the events <br /> starting on Friday afternoon at the courthouse and ending on Monday with the renaming of the <br /> Chapel Hill Transit Center for Howard and Lillian Lee. She said it was well-deserved and a <br /> lovely ceremony. <br /> Commissioner Bedford said she attended the DSS Board meeting today, and there is <br /> hope that emergency benefits may be extended through October rather than expiring July 15tn <br /> Commissioner Hamilton said she also attended the ceremony for the renaming of the <br /> Chapel Hill Transit Center for Howard and Lillian Lee. She said she learned the importance of <br />