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DRAFT Date Prepared: 05/25/22 <br /> Date Revised: 05/27/22 <br /> BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions <br /> (Individuals with a*by their name are the lead facilitators for the group of individuals res onsible for an item) <br /> Meeting Task Target Person(s) Status <br /> Date Date Responsible <br /> 5/24/22 Review and consider request by Commissioner Hamilton, 6/2022 Board Chair Board Chair to provide follow- <br /> echoed by Commissioner McKee, that the Board consider up information to full Board <br /> establishing small group meetings involving Board <br /> members and school board members from both districts so <br /> BOCC members can better understand school budgets and <br /> the budget process and build connections with school board <br /> members <br /> 5/24/22 Conform the Leandro Plan resolution based on revisions 5/2022 Laura Jensen DONE <br /> noff— <br /> discussed and approved by the Board <br /> 5/24/22 Send the approved Leandro Plan resolution to both school 5/2022 Laura Jensen DONE <br /> boards and to Every Child NC <br /> 5/24/22 Schedule the Board's follow-up discussion on the Longtime 6/2022 Corey Root DONE <br /> Housing Assistance Program for the June 7, 2022 Business Nancy Freeman Follow-up discussion scheduled <br /> meeting for the Board's June 7, 2022 <br /> Business meeting <br /> 5/24/22 Conform the Well Dot resolution with lease document 5/2022 Laura Jensen DONE <br /> based on revisions discussed and approved by the Board <br /> 5/24/22 In follow-up to the Board's May 3, 2022 initial decisions, 6/2022 Corey Root DONE <br /> and the additional discussion on May 24, 2022, related to Nancy Freeman Information included as part of <br /> the Longtime Housing Assistance Program, find out the the agenda item on the Board's <br /> percentage of participation in the similar initiative in June 7, 2022 Business meeting <br /> Mecklenburg County, learn about the use of tax inserts and <br /> other outreach efforts in Mecklenburg County, clarify the <br /> AMI qualification criteria proposed by County staff, and <br /> pursue other information as discussed by the Board <br /> 5/24/22 Schedule the delayed Manufactured Housing Action Plan 6/2022 Corey Root DONE <br /> for the June 7, 2022 Business meeting Scheduled for the Board's June <br /> 7, 2022 Business meeting <br />