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RES - 2022 - 029 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> RESOLUTION URGING THE STATE TO FULFILL ITS CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO <br /> PROVIDE EVERY CHILD ACCESS TO A SOUND BASIC EDUCATION <br /> WHEREAS , for more than 25 years , North Carolina lawmakers from both parties have failed to meet <br /> their constitutional obligation to provide all children in the state with a sound basic education; and <br /> i <br /> WHEREAS, far too many students, particularly students of color, students from economically- <br /> disadvantaged families , students with disabilities , English learners , and rural students , have been denied <br /> the opportunities promised to them under the North Carolina Constitution; and <br /> WHEREAS, the North Carolina State Constitution and North Carolina General Statutes place the <br /> responsibility to fund a public school system that provides every child in the state with access to a sound <br /> basic education with the State of North Carolina, both the executive and legislative branches ; and <br /> WHEREAS, on March 15 , 2021 , the State submitted to the court a long-term comprehensive remedial <br /> plan ( "Leandro Plan" ) detailing specific steps State leaders must enact to remedy the ongoing <br /> constitutional violations in our public school system and ensure that all students have access to the <br /> education they are owed under the State Constitution; and <br /> i <br /> WHEREAS Governor Roy Cooper ' s Budget Recommendations for 2021 -23 demonstrated that the <br /> Leandro Plan could be fully implemented within then- existing State resources ; and <br /> WHEREAS, on June 7 , 2021 , Judge W. David Lee ordered the state to implement the Leandro Plan "in <br /> full and in accordance with the timelines set forth therein" ; and <br /> WHEREAS, Judge Michael Robinson has found that the state budget passed in 2021 underfunds the <br /> comprehensive remedial plan ( CRP ) for Leandro by approximately $ 785 million; and <br /> WHEREAS , receiving a quality education is paramount to catalyzing the full growth and self- <br /> actualization of students , families , as well as being critical for workforce development and the economic <br /> prosperity of our communities and our State as a whole , <br /> I, <br /> WHEREAS, Representative Verla Insko filed House Bill 1032 , which would appropriate $ 784 million in <br /> non-recurring funds for fiscal year 2022 -2023 to carry out the requirements of the Leandro Plan; <br /> WHEREAS , Orange County is grateful to Representative Verla Insko and others for sponsoring House <br /> Bill 1032 ; <br /> NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Orange County Board of County Commissioners <br /> stands with the Orange County Schools Board of Education and the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools <br /> Board of Education and requests that the North Carolina General Assembly fully enact the policy and <br /> funding reforms included in the Leandro Plan to ensure that all North Carolina students have access to a <br /> sound basic education by the 2028 school year . <br /> Adopted this 24th day of May, 2022 . <br /> eve AW <br /> Renee Price, Chair <br /> Orange County Board of Commissioners <br />