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1 <br /> ORANGE COU f T <br /> NORTH CAROLINA <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: Board of County Commissioners <br /> Bonnie Hammersley, Orange County Manager <br /> Travis Myren, Orange County Deputy Manager <br /> FROM: Tom Ten Eyck, Transportation/Land Use Planner <br /> CC: Tom Altieri, Comprehensive Planning Supervisor <br /> Nishith Trivedi, Interim Director, Orange County Transportation <br /> Services <br /> DATE: May 17, 2022 <br /> SUBJECT: Draft FY23 Orange Transit Work Program <br /> ATTACHMENT(S): DCHC MPO Staff Working Group Administrator Memo; Public <br /> Comment Sheet as of 5/17/22 <br /> BACKGROUND: Each year, the Staff Working Group (SWG) reviews projects included in the <br /> Orange County Transit Plan and recommends a specific, annual Work Plan to implement those <br /> projects. Like the Capital Investment Plan (CIP), the Orange County Transit Plan serves as <br /> the long-range framework for transit investments while the annual Work Plan identifies the <br /> specific projects and funding amounts budgeted for those projects in the upcoming fiscal year. <br /> The SWG is composed of staff from each of the three parties to the Interlocal Implementation <br /> Agreement (ILA)—Orange County, GoTriangle, and the Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro <br /> Metropolitan Planning Organization (DCHC MPO)—who work with transit providers, <br /> municipalities, and counties to incorporate the region's transit needs. <br /> The FY23 Orange County Work Program was released by DCHC MPO for a 21-day public <br /> comment on April 19, 2022; the public comment period formally ended on May 10, 2022, though <br /> the website is still taking comments as of May 17, 2022. Please see the memo (Attachment 1) <br /> from the SWG Administrator, Aaron Cain, which provides an overview of the process for FY23. <br /> Attachment 2 provides a page of public comments that were received between April 19, 2022 <br /> and May 17, 2022. <br /> With the formal conclusion of the public comment period, subsequent Work Plan adjustments <br /> are underway, and the SWG will soon make a recommendation to the GoTriangle Board of <br /> Trustees, which administers the Transit Tax District Funds and adopts the Work Plan as a part <br /> of the GoTriangle Annual Budget. While this is the process for the FY23 Work Plan, it is <br /> anticipated that the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC)will become more <br /> involved in the Work Plan approval process as a function of the revised ILA. This determination <br /> will be finalized in the updated Governance Study. <br /> Please communicate any feedback or questions to Tom Ten Eyck, Transportation/Land Use <br /> Planner (tteneyck(o) by close of business on Monday, May 23, 2022. <br /> Comments may also be recorded directly on the 2022 Orange County Go Forward website. <br />