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1 <br /> ORANGE 'COUNTY <br /> Department of Environment, <br /> Agriculture, Parks&Recreation <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> To: Board of County Commissioners <br /> Bonnie Hammersley, County Manager <br /> From: Marabeth Carr, Landscape Architect <br /> Copies: David Stancil, Director, Department of Environment,Agriculture, Parks& Recreation <br /> Date: April 26, 2022 <br /> RE: Blackwood Farm Park Phase II -Construction Project Progress Update <br /> The purpose of this memo and update is to provide a status report on the ongoing Blackwood Farm Park <br /> construction project. <br /> Project Description: In June 2021,the Board of County Commissioners authorized a construction contract <br /> for the development of Blackwood Farm Park, Phase II.The contract of$2,802,000 with J Kester and Rose <br /> of Fuquay-Varina, NC was executed and construction began in August 2021. <br /> Background: Consistent with previously-approved construction drawings and bid documents developed <br /> by the contracted firm of Susan Hatchell Landscape Architecture, PLLC for the park construction, this <br /> project includes a new entrance into the park off NC 86 and the widening of NC 86 for new turning lanes <br /> into the park.Also included are a new parking area and loop driveway to the existing entrance (for special <br /> events). The construction project also includes developing an amphitheater that can accommodate <br /> concerts and performances, a large picnic shelter that can also double as a stage, two vault toilets, and a <br /> park office and maintenance area. Construction continues at the site at this time. Because of weather <br /> issues during the winter and early spring, the project is currently approximately three weeks behind <br /> schedule - with a completion date anticipated late-summer of 2022. Please note this contract does not <br /> include renovating the historic farmhouse which is also underway under a separate contract, along with <br /> the proposed disc golf course in the early planning stages. <br /> Attachments: Attachment A—Photos of the construction underway <br />