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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br /> Meeting Date: March 15, 2022 <br /> Action Agenda <br /> Item No. 8-c <br /> SUBJECT: Schools Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (SAPFO) — Receipt and <br /> Transmittal of 2022 Annual Technical Advisory Committee Report <br /> DEPARTMENT: Planning and Inspections <br /> ATTACHMENT(S): INFORMATION CONTACT: <br /> 1. SAPFO Partners Transmittal Letter Ashley Moncado, Planner II, 919-245-2589 <br /> 2. Draft 2022 SAPFOTAC Annual Report and Craig Benedict, Director, 919-245-2575 <br /> Larger Scale Projection Worksheets <br /> PURPOSE: To receive the 2022 Annual Report of the SAPFO Technical Advisory Committee <br /> (SAPFOTAC) and transmit it to the SAPFO partners for comments before certification in May. <br /> NOTE: The School Capacity Capital Investment Plan (CIP) Needs Analysis projects no new <br /> school capacity needs in the next 10 years for elementary, middle and high school levels for <br /> both Orange County Schools (OCS) and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS). <br /> BACKGROUND: <br /> 1. Annual Report <br /> Each year, since 2004, the SAPFOTAC Report is updated to reflect actual changing <br /> conditions of student membership and school capacity. This information is analyzed and <br /> used to project future school construction needs based on adopted level of service <br /> standards. There are two steps to the full report. The first part (Student Membership and <br /> Capacity) is certified in the fall and then this full report, in the following spring, is to keep <br /> the SAPFO system calibrated. At the December 14, 2021 Board of County <br /> Commissioners meeting, the Board approved the November 15, 2021 actual membership <br /> and capacity numbers (i.e. first part) for both Orange County Schools (OCS) and Chapel <br /> Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS). A draft of the full annual SAPFOTAC Report is <br /> complete and has been reviewed by the SAPFOTAC members. <br /> 2. SAPFOTAC <br /> The SAPFOTAC, comprised of representatives of both school systems, the Planning <br /> Directors of the County and Towns, and County Finance staff, is tasked to produce an <br /> annual report for the governing boards of each SAPFO partner outlining changes in <br /> actual membership, capacity, student projections, and their collective impacts on the <br /> Capital Investment Plan (CIP) and the future issuance of Certificates of Adequate Public <br /> Schools (CAPS). Orange County's Planning Staff compiles the report, holds a meeting <br /> discussing the various aspects, and then prepares a draft report, which is reviewed by <br /> the SAPFO Technical Advisory Committee. <br />