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DRAFT Date Prepared: 03/02/22 <br /> Date Revised: 03/08/22 <br /> BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions <br /> Individuals with a*by their name are the lead facilitators for the groupof individuals res onsible for an item) <br /> Meeting Task Target Person(s) Status <br /> Date Date Responsible <br /> 3/l/22 Conform the 2022 Legislative package documents based on 3/2022 Greg Wilder Package to be conformed and <br /> Board approval and finalize the package for the March 21, finalized <br /> 2022 Legislative Breakfast <br /> 3/l/22 For the 203 ProTect, consult with the Carrboro Town 3/2022 Bonnie DONE <br /> Manager to review discussions by both governing boards, Hammersley Manager conferred with the <br /> review options regarding proposed parking/parking deck, Carrboro Town Manager <br /> discuss cost increases, and review plans for both governing <br /> boards to discuss again and make decisions at March 15, <br /> 2022 meetings <br /> 3/l/22 Assess and provide information to the Board on the impacts 3/2022 Travis Myren Staff will share this information <br /> of the 203 Project's cost increases on the County's Capital Gary Donaldson as part of the discussion at the <br /> Investment Plan(CIP) and the Manager's upcoming Board's March 15, 2022 <br /> Recommended CIP to be presented in April 2022 Business meeting <br />