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DRAFT Date Prepared: 09/02/21 <br /> Date Revised: 09/03/21 <br /> BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions <br /> Individuals with a*by their name are the lead facilitators for the groupof individuals res onsible for an item) <br /> Meeting Task Target Person(s) Status <br /> Date Date Responsible <br /> 9/2/21 Review and consider request by Commissioner McKee that 9/2021 Bonnie Manager forwarded request to <br /> the schools staff for both districts provide a report at the Hammersley both Superintendents <br /> September 23, 2021 Joint Meeting on local and state <br /> performance testing results <br /> 9/2/21 Review and consider request by Commissioner McKee that 12/2021 Bonnie To be scheduled for Board <br /> the Board schedule a work session discussion on a potential Hammersley discussion and action <br /> policy requiring any entity receiving County funds include <br /> on their regular meeting agendas an opportunity for public <br /> comments <br /> 9/2/21 Review and consider request by Commissioner Price that 11/2021 Bonnie Staff to pursue developing draft <br /> the Board discuss the formation of a Library task force or Hammersley materials for Board <br /> committee to collaborate with Chapel Hill on library issues Lucinda Munger consideration to establish a <br /> Library Task Force/Committee <br /> 9/2/21 Move forward with developing a plan in order for the Board 11/2021 Laura Jensen Staff to move forward with <br /> to return to in-person meetings, including spacing, staff assessment and plan <br /> inclusion, masking provisions,public participation development <br /> parameters, etc. <br />