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ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> PROCLAMATION RECOGNIZING AND EXPRESSING APPRECIATION <br /> TO NANCY GREBENKEMPER <br /> WHEREAS , in 2011 Nancy Grebenkemper and Claire Millar observed the impact of the <br /> recession , the reality that residents having enough food to eat was a major issue in <br /> Orange County , and that the number of people seeking food assistance at the Orange <br /> Congregations in Missions ( OCIM ) food pantry was large and increasing ; and <br /> WHEREAS , Ms . Grebenkemper and Ms . Millar learned about PORCH Chapel Hill <br /> Carrboro and its monthly neighborhood food collections supplying food to several food <br /> pantries , and decided they themselves could also do something about hunger in Orange <br /> County ; and <br /> WHEREAS , with help from three PORCH Chapel Hill Carrboro founders , Ms . <br /> Grebenkemper and Ms . Millar started PORCH Hillsborough with three neighborhoods in <br /> 2011 ; and <br /> WHEREAS , PORCH Hillsborough has since grown from three neighborhoods to over 30 , <br /> and overall donations have grown each year since 2011 and include businesses in the <br /> Meadowlands Business Park donating food on a monthly basis ; and <br /> WHEREAS , PORCH Hillsborough is dedicated to helping the kids and families in the <br /> community get enough to eat , and started both the Food for Schools program , providing <br /> healthy snacks to students who are hungry during the school day or need supplemental <br /> food sent home over weekends and holidays , and the Food for Families program , a <br /> partnership with Weaver Street Market that provides healthy , fresh produce to families <br /> identified by school social workers as being at risk of hunger ; and <br /> WHEREAS , Ms . Grebenkemper is retiring from her efforts to lead PORCH Hillsborough ; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS , through her service with countless others , Ms . Grebenkemper has changed <br /> lives by helping people to have adequate and nutritious food , to navigate their journey to <br /> health and self- respect , and empowering them and their families to lead productive lives ; <br /> NOW THEREFORE we , the Orange County Board of Commissioners , do hereby <br /> recognize and express deep appreciation , gratitude , and respect for Nancy <br /> Grebenkemper for her dedicated leadership and her service to the people of Orange <br /> County , and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors . <br /> This the 2nd day of February_ . 2021 . <br /> Renee Price , Chair <br /> _ A_ . <br /> t, rO, ^i Orange County Board of Commissioners <br /> so <br /> j s i ifv <br /> H j �ti <br /> ... cl -ti <br />