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1 <br /> INFORMATION ITEM <br /> Appointment of Commissioners to Full Membership on the Orange County ABC Board <br /> Local Alcohol Beverage Control Board Appointments <br /> The BOCC has expressed interest in having the commissioner appointee to the ABC Board be a voting <br /> member rather than a non-voting liaison. <br /> There are multiple options available to the BOCC if the BOCC is dissatisfied with some aspect of ABC <br /> operations or governance or if the BOCC simply believes changes should be made for other reasons. 1) <br /> Change the Chair. The BOCC has full authority to appoint the Chair. 2) Change or reduce salaries. Again <br /> full authority to do so rests with the BOCC. 3) Adopt standards of conduct for ABC board members. 4) <br /> Appoint commissioners or senior county employees to the ABC board. Both have been done by counties <br /> in North Carolina. This fourth option is further explored below. <br /> As authorized by statute the BOCC appoints both the members and the Chair of the ABC Board and <br /> members serve three-year terms. Due to the fact that terms are for three years it maybe administratively <br /> best to appoint a commissioner who has at least three years left in office. However,this is not absolutely <br /> necessary because vacancies are filled by the BOCC to complete the term of the member who created the <br /> vacancy and should a commissioner leave office another could be appointed to fill the ABC role for the <br /> duration of the original appointee's term. <br /> There may be some concern about the prohibition of dual office holding if a commissioner is appointed <br /> to the ABC board, however, so long as the appointment is ex officio the dual office holding prohibition is <br /> not a concern. Under North Carolina law ex officio appointees have the same rights and authority as any <br /> other appointee. Regarding the dual office non-issue North Carolina General Statute §128-1.2 reads: <br /> Ex officio service by county and city representatives and officials. Except when the resolution of <br /> appointment provides otherwise, whenever the governing body of a county or city appoints one of <br /> its own members or officials to another board or commission, the individual so appointed is <br /> considered to be serving on the other board or commission as a part of the individual's duties of <br /> office and shall not be considered to be serving in a separate office. As used in this section, the <br /> term "official" means (i) in the case of a county, the county manager, acting county manager, <br /> interim county manager, county attorney,finance officer, or clerk to the board and(ii)in the case <br /> of a city, the city manager, acting city manager, interim city manager, city attorney, finance <br /> officer, city clerk, or deputy clerk. As used in this section, the term "city"has the meaning provided <br /> in G.S. 160A-1. <br /> One important consideration in appointing a commissioner to the ABC board is the appointment would <br /> create occasional conflicts of interest for the appointed commissioner. That commissioner could not vote, <br /> and would have to be excused from voting, on ABC board members' salaries,the ABC board travel policy, <br /> or other items that could have a financial impact on the commissioner. <br /> There are two current ABC board members whose terms expire 6/30/21. According to the Orange County <br /> advisory board webpage Patrick Burns is serving the first of two potential terms and Jane Cousins is serving <br /> the second of two terms. Should the BOCC determine to appoint one,or more, of its own members to an <br /> ABC board position one of these two positions is most realistic for the appointment because outright <br /> removal of ABC members may only be for cause. Of the remaining members' terms one expires in 2022 <br /> and two expire in 2023. <br /> The ABC Board Response to this Proposal is Attached <br />