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Delegation of Authority per NCGS 105-381 INFORMATION ITEM- RELEASES AND REFUNDS UNDER$100 FEBRUARY 2,2021 <br /> To Finance Officer <br /> ACCOUNT BILLING ORIGINAL ADJUSTED FINANCIAL TAX Approved by <br /> NAME NUMBER YEAR VALUE VALUE TAX FEE IMPACT REASON FOR ADJUSTMENT CLASSIFICATION ACTION CFO Additional Explanation <br /> Johnston,Brian 3181913 2019 49,280 - (66.27) (66.27) Assessed in error(illegal tax) Personal Approve 1/15/2021 Per NCDMV,no gap in registration was found for the one month period reported <br /> (66.27)Total <br /> *Situs error:An incorrect rate code was used to calculate bill.Value remains constant but bill amount changes due to the change inspecific tax ratesappliecl to that physical location. <br /> Gap Bill:A property tax bill that covers the months between the expiration of a vehicle's registration and the renewal of that registration or the issuance of a new registration. <br /> The spreadsheet represents the financial impact that approval of the requested release or refund would have on the principal amount of taxes. <br /> Approval of the release or refund of the principal tax amount also constitutes approval of the release or refund of all associated interest,penalties,fees,and costs appurtenant to the released or refunded principal tax amount. <br /> December 30,2020 thru January 13,2021 1 <br />