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DRAFT Date Prepared: 01/20/21 <br /> Date Revised: 01/26/21 <br /> BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions <br /> Individuals with a*by their name are the lead facilitators for the groupof individuals res onsible for an item) <br /> Meeting Task Target Person(s) Status <br /> Date Date Responsible <br /> 1/19/21 Review and consider request by Commissioner Fowler that 5/2021 Laura Jensen New loan entity still in <br /> the Board formally appoint her to the County's new Loan Amanda Garner conceptual stage with uncertain <br /> board composition and mission; staff <br /> will follow-up with information <br /> associated with loan entity and <br /> appointment at future meeting <br /> 1/19/21 Review and consider request by Commissioner Greene that 4/2021 Legislative Proposal shared with LIWG for <br /> the County pursue as part of its legislative agenda Issues Work consideration as part of package <br /> supporting a periodic accounting process for State per pupil Group (LIWG) to recommend to full BOCC <br /> funds so that funds and pro-rated funds follow students to <br /> their respective schools, as opposed to the current process <br /> that only considers all funding allocations based on <br /> students' attendance location on a single day during the <br /> school ear <br /> 1/19/21 Follow-up with `Efland Station representatives to discuss 2/2021 Craig Benedict Staff has documented <br /> the multiple areas/conditions detailed by the Board during Michael Harvey areas/conditions from January <br /> the meeting and bring the Conditional Zoning District 19th meeting; staff will confer <br /> request back to the Board at the February 16, 2021 Business and work with Efland Station <br /> meeting representatives and bring item <br /> back to February 16, 2021 <br /> Business meeting <br />