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2 <br /> (These matters will be considered when the Board addresses that item on the agenda <br /> below.) <br /> 3. Announcements, Petitions and Comments by Board Members <br /> Commissioner Price expressed congratulations to Julia Drahzal Orange County's <br /> Governor's Medallion Award winner for volunteer service, as well as all other nominees from <br /> Orange County. <br /> Commissioner Price referred to the Andrea Harris Social, Economic, Environmental <br /> Health and Equity Task Force, which is focusing currently on communities of color and the <br /> disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on these communities. She said this group is seeking <br /> public input, via 2-minute time slots on 9/22 and 9/29, related to its 5 focus areas. <br /> Commissioner Price said that on Sunday, September 27 at 3pm there will be a Zoom <br /> event called, "Breaking Barriers: women of color and the right to vote", with Valerie Johnson of <br /> Shaw University. She said the Human Relations Commission is sponsoring this event. <br /> Commission Bedford had no comments. <br /> Commissioner Greene said she attended the Family Success Alliance (FSA) meeting, <br /> and was interested to learn about the scholastic support center at the YMCA. She said this <br /> provides K-8 grade socially distanced spaces to complete schoolwork. She said this is a great <br /> program for parents of lower income children. <br /> Commissioner Marcoplos said he has been thinking about the amount of idling, due to <br /> increased use of drive-thrus. He said local students did such wonderful work last year promoting <br /> an anti-idling campaign. He said he would like to ask the Commission for the Environment to <br /> explore how to work with all local businesses, banks, restaurants, etc. to look into the issue of <br /> idling. <br /> Commissioner Marcoplos said the Board has discussed the possibility of a new EMS <br /> substation. He said he spoke with David Silvan, part time EMS worker, and asked what he <br /> thought about response times and if a 3 minute reduction would really have an impact in <br /> northern Orange County. He said there was a plan proposed by Nick Waters to have <br /> paramedics with "fly cars", which have response times of 8 minutes, as opposed to 12-15 <br /> minutes instead of ambulances. He asked to explore this possibility, as paramedics are highly <br /> trained and can handle so much in the field. <br /> Commissioner Marcoplos said the Orange County Climate Council is having a public <br /> outreach event on Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 at 7p.m., to celebrate the first year of work. He <br /> said this will be via Zoom, and invited everyone to tune in. <br /> Commissioner McKee joined the meeting at 7.07 p.m. <br /> Commissioner Dorosin said 90 people plan to speak this evening, and asked if the plan <br /> was to meet until 1:00 a.m. <br /> Chair Rich said because it is a Public Hearing the Board of County Commissioners <br /> (BOCC) cannot limit the amount of speakers, and it is likely there will be approximately 4 hours <br /> of public comment. <br /> Commissioner Dorosin asked if other agenda items could be continued, or the public <br /> hearing be spread out over two meetings. He said he wants to be conscientious of the <br /> speakers, and be most fair and effective. <br /> Commissioner McKee said he spoke about broadband last week, and Orange County <br /> Schools (OCS) purchased and distributed 900 units, but still has a 400-person waiting list for <br /> hotspots. He said he would like to move expeditiously to help address this problem. He <br /> petitioned the Board to ask the Manager to contact Orange County Schools Superintendent and <br /> Board of Education Chair to determine how and in what manner Orange County could aid in <br /> procuring the 400 units for hotspots. He said OCS is pursuing grant funding to acquire the <br />