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RES-2020-054 1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> Resolution Detailing Orange County's Recommendations <br /> Regarding Goals for Inclusion in the <br /> North Carolina Association of County Commissioners' (NCACC) <br /> 2021-2022 Legislative Goals Package <br /> WHEREAS, the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) <br /> organizes a process every two years to adopt a legislative goals package <br /> representing the collective interests of North Carolina counties; and <br /> WHEREAS, the purpose of the process is to develop broad support for matters <br /> affecting counties that may be addressed by the North Carolina General <br /> Assembly during the upcoming legislative biennium; and <br /> WHEREAS, the goals and issues included in the NCACC package guide and <br /> strengthen NCACC representatives and staff as they converse with individual <br /> legislators and committees on legislative matters; and <br /> WHEREAS, NCACC has begun the process to develop its 2021-2022 Legislative <br /> Goals Package and requested Orange County and all other North Carolina <br /> counties to submit proposed legislative goals by September 30, 2020 for <br /> consideration for inclusion in the 2021-2022 Legislative Goals Package; and <br /> WHEREAS, Orange County believes there are many issues of importance to all <br /> North Carolina counties that should be included as goals in NCACC's 2021-2022 <br /> Legislative Goals Package; <br /> NOW THEREFORE we, the Orange County Board of Commissioners, do hereby <br /> recommend that NCACC include the following goals in the NCACC 2021-2022 <br /> Legislative Goals Package: <br /> 1) Broadband/Digital Infrastructure — Support legislation, funding, <br /> and other efforts that provide counties with flexibility and <br /> opportunities to support options for increasing access to high- <br /> speed internet connectivity and expanding digital <br /> infrastructure/broadband capability to the un-served and under- <br /> served areas of the state. Access to high speed internet <br /> connections will reduce disparities, enhance quality of life for all <br /> the State's residents, and broaden opportunities in areas such as <br /> education, jobs creation, small business development, health care, <br /> civic participation, and growth in farm enterprises; <br /> 2) Minimum Wage Increase — Support legislation to raise the <br /> minimum wage for all, not just employees of the State of North <br /> Carolina, to enhance people's economic security, improve access <br /> to safe and secure housing, boost the economy with increased <br />