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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br /> Meeting Date: October 8, 2020 <br /> 1 <br /> SUBJECT: Alcohol Beverage and Control Board Voting Membership and Financial <br /> Statement Analysis <br /> DEPARTMENT: County Attorney and Finance <br /> ATTACHMENT(S): INFORMATION CONTACT: <br /> John Roberts, (919) 245-2318 <br /> Attachment 1: ABC Listing of Gary Donaldson, (919) 245-2453 <br /> Distributions <br /> Attachment 2: 2016 ABC Benchmarking <br /> Petition <br /> Attachment 3: 2017 ABC Funding <br /> Increase Petition <br /> Attachment 4: ABC Memorandum <br /> Response to updated <br /> Benchmarking Analyses <br /> PURPOSE: To provide: <br /> 1) An update on the BOCC commissioner being an ABC voting member <br /> 2) A financial analysis of the ABC Board revenue, profitability and funding capacity <br /> BACKGROUND: <br /> LEGAL —Voting Member Information <br /> The BOCC has expressed interest in having the commissioner appointee to the ABC Board be a <br /> voting member rather than a non-voting liaison. There are multiple options available to the <br /> BOCC if the BOCC is dissatisfied with some aspect of ABC operations or governance or if the <br /> BOCC simply believes changes should be made for other reasons. 1) Change the Chair. The <br /> BOCC has full authority to appoint the Chair. 2) Change or reduce salaries. Again full authority <br /> to do so rests with the BOCC. 3) Adopt standards of conduct for ABC board members. 4) <br /> Appoint commissioners or senior county employees to the ABC board. Both have been done by <br /> counties in North Carolina. This fourth option is further explored below. <br /> As authorized by statute the BOCC appoints both the members and the Chair of the ABC Board <br /> and members serve three-year terms. Due to the fact that terms are for three years it may be <br /> administratively best to appoint a commissioner who has at least three years left in office. <br /> However, this is not absolutely necessary because vacancies are filled by the BOCC to <br /> complete the term of the member who created the vacancy and should a commissioner leave <br />