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2 <br /> as an Information Item on the Board's June 16, 2020 agenda. The link to that Information Item <br /> is: <br /> In accordance with the provisions of Section 2.3 Comprehensive Plan Amendments of the <br /> Unified Development Ordinance, the Planning Director has initiated amendments to the Central <br /> Orange Coordinated Area (COCA) Land Use Plan and to the Orange County Comprehensive <br /> Plan Future Land Use Map (FLUM) in the vicinity of the southern portion of the Hillsborough <br /> Area Economic Development District. The amendments related to COCA affect 17 parcels (in <br /> whole or part) encompassing 84 acres. The amendments related to the FLUM affect 20 parcels <br /> (in whole or part) encompassing 89 acres. The COCA proposed land use category is Suburban <br /> Office and the FLUM proposed category is Economic Development. These related amendments <br /> are being proposed to prescribe the land uses that will be allowed in the expanded area for <br /> Economic Development. <br /> 1. The Town of Hillsborough/Orange County Central Orange Coordinated Area (COCA) <br /> Land Use Plan is a joint land use document that defines the locations of future land use <br /> categories to help achieve a desired and coordinated pattern of development over time. <br /> The COCA Land Use Plan includes several urban-style land use categories that are more <br /> specific than those provided in the County's Comprehensive Plan, which covers a much <br /> larger geographic area. Implementation of the COCA Land Use Plan is achieved through <br /> consistency with the County's Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map, application of <br /> County zoning, and a coordinated approach to rezoning. The amendment proposes a <br /> "Suburban Office Complex" land use in the expansion area which would designate the <br /> area for office and employment, businesses in a campus setting, and limited supporting <br /> services. The proposed amendment also reflects the expansion of the Town's Urban <br /> Service Boundary consistent with the WASMPBA to provide water and sewer service to <br /> the area. As part of a joint land use plan, this amendment requires approval by the Town <br /> of Hillsborough and Orange County. The Town of Hillsborough has already taken action <br /> and unanimously approved the amendment as follows. <br /> Town of Hillsborough Approval Process: <br /> March 15, 2018 — Town Public Hearing and Planning Board recommendation <br /> March 26, 2018 — Hillsborough Town Board adopted <br /> 2. The Orange County Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map (FLUM) defines the <br /> location of future land use categories, consistent with any joint land use plans, and is <br /> designed to accommodate a particular combination of general land uses. The FLUM <br /> helps achieve a desired pattern of development over time and is implemented primarily <br /> through zoning. The proposed amendment to this plan would change the expansion area <br /> from a Rural Residential land use to an Economic Development Transition Activity Node, <br /> which would designate the area for light industrial, distribution, office, service/retail uses, <br /> and flex space (typically one-story buildings designed, constructed, and marketed as <br /> suitable for use as offices but able to accommodate other uses such as a warehouse, <br /> showroom, manufacturing assembly, or similar operations). <br /> The County has not initiated any rezoning at this time. Currently, the area is zoned Rural <br /> Residential (R-1). However, approximately 12-acres of a developer initiated and proposed <br /> Research Triangle Logistics Park (RTLP) are located in the amendment area discussed herein. <br /> Any rezoning that comes forward in the future will require a subsequent item on a public hearing <br /> and finding that it is consistent with the plans. <br />