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2 <br /> FINANCIAL IMPACT: The estimated cost to the County related to COVID-19 response and <br /> recovery is in excess of $3,300,000. Receiving funding from FEMA's Public Assistance Agency <br /> would assist in the recovery of the costs associated with COVID-19. <br /> SOCIAL JUSTICE IMPACT: The following Orange County Social Justice Goals are applicable <br /> to this item: <br /> • GOAL: ENSURE ECONOMIC SELF-SUFFICIENCY <br /> The creation and preservation of infrastructure, policies, programs and funding necessary <br /> for residents to provide shelter, food, clothing and medical care for themselves and their <br /> dependents. <br /> • GOAL: CREATE A SAFE COMMUNITY <br /> The reduction of risks from vehicle/traffic accidents, childhood and senior injuries, gang <br /> activity, substance abuse and domestic violence. <br /> COVID-19 affects all segments of the population and is particularly detrimental to members of <br /> those social groups in the most vulnerable situations, continues to affect populations, including <br /> people living in poverty situations, older persons, persons with disabilities, youth, and <br /> indigenous people. Early evidence indicates that the health and economic impact of the virus <br /> are being endured disproportionately by persons with lower income. People without access to <br /> shelter, running water, refugees, migrants, or displaced persons also stand to suffer <br /> disproportionately both from the pandemic and its aftermath- whether due to limited movement, <br /> fewer employment opportunities, or increased xenophobia. <br /> If not properly addressed the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic may also increase <br /> inequality, exclusion, discrimination and unemployment in the medium and long term. <br /> ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: There is no Orange County Responsibility Goal impact <br /> associated with this item. <br /> RECOMMENDATION(S): The Manager recommends that the Board approve the attached <br /> resolution with the designation of Pascal Moore (primary agent) and Sarah Pickhardt (secondary <br /> agent) for federal assistance, and authorize the Chair to sign and the Deputy Clerk to Board of <br /> Commissioners to sign as the Certifying Official. <br />