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ORANGE COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br /> Meeting Date:September 15, 2020 <br /> Action Agenda <br /> Item No. 5-d <br /> <br />SUBJECT: Public Hearing on CDBG-CV Grant Application for Emergency Housing <br />Assistance <br /> <br />DEPARTMENT: Housing and Community <br />Development <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />ATTACHMENT(S): <br />Attachment 1: Summary of CDBG-CV <br />Grant <br />Attachment 2: Summary of Emergency <br />Housing Assistance (EHA) <br />Fund <br /> <br /> INFORMATION CONTACT: <br /> Emila Sutton, Director, Housing and <br />Community Development, (919) 245- <br />2490 <br /> <br /> <br />PURPOSE: To hold a public hearing on a potential application from Orange County for Federal <br />Community Development Block Grant – Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) funds. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND: On August 25, 2020, Governor Roy Cooper announced the availability of $28 <br />million from federal Community Development Block Grant – Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) funding to <br />be disbursed by the North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency (NCORR) to support <br />rental and utility payments and prevent evictions for those with a demonstrated need (see <br />Attachment 1). The funding will be distributed to eligible community agencies around the state <br />that will work directly with North Carolinians on an application and disbursement process. <br /> <br />Orange County staff proposes to apply for the CDBG-CV funds to be used with the County’s <br />existing Emergency Housing Assistance fund, which provides financial assistance to help <br />Orange County residents with low incomes secure and maintain stable housing (see Attachment <br />2). Assistance is available to households in Orange County that earn no more than 60% of the <br />area median income, have an urgent need for housing assistance, and do not have adequate <br />savings to cover the cost of their housing need. <br /> <br />Before submitting an application, Orange County must hold two (2) public hearings to obtain <br />public comments. The first public hearing – this hearing – occurs at the beginning of the <br />application process. The second public hearing must be held after the application is drafted but <br />prior to its submission. <br /> <br />FINANCIAL IMPACT: If Orange County is awarded CDBG-CV funds, up to $900,000 would <br />become available for Emergency Housing Assistance. <br /> <br />SOCIAL JUSTICE IMPACT: The following Orange County Social Justice Goals are applicable <br />to this item: <br />1