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Public Comment—Verbal <br /> (for Items not on the Agenda, Agenda Items and Public Hearings) <br /> Members of the public will be asked to contact the Clerk to the Board using the email address <br /> ocpubliccomment(d),oran eg count) no later than 3:00 PM on the day of the meeting and indicate <br /> they wish to speak during the meeting. <br /> When submitting the request to speak, include the following: <br /> • The date of the meeting <br /> • The agenda item (example: 6-a)you wish to speak on <br /> • Your name, address, email and phone number <br /> • The phone number must be the number you plan to call in from if participating by phone <br /> Prior to the meeting, speakers will be emailed a participant link to be able to make comments during <br /> the live meeting. Speakers may use a computer(with camera and/or microphone) or phone to make <br /> comments. Speakers using the phone for comments must use the provided PIN/Password number. <br /> The public speaker's audio and video will be muted until the BOCC gets to the respective agenda <br /> item(s). Individuals who have pre-registered will then be brought into the public portion of the <br /> meeting one at a time. <br /> If a member of the public encounters any concerns prior to or during the meeting related to speaking, <br /> please contact Greg Wilder at 919-245-2314. <br />