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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br /> Meeting Date: September 10, 2020 <br /> Action Agenda <br /> Item No. 4 <br /> SUBJECT: Discussion of Travel Policies and Procedures for the Board of County <br /> Commissioners (BOCC) <br /> DEPARTMENT: Clerk to the Board/Board of <br /> County Commissioners' Office <br /> ATTACHMENT(S): INFORMATION CONTACT: <br /> Draft County Commissioner Travel David Hunt, Deputy Clerk, (919) 245- <br /> Policy 2126 <br /> Allen Coleman, Assistant Deputy Clerk <br /> II, (919) 245-2127 <br /> PURPOSE: To discuss appropriate guidelines for travel and transportation required of elected <br /> officials conducting business for Orange County. <br /> BACKGROUND: The County has established policy and procedures for the purposes of <br /> authorizing and providing funds for County employees to travel for County business. These <br /> policy and procedures are approved by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), administered by the <br /> Finance and Administrative Services department, and reviewed regularly. The policy and <br /> procedures apply to all Orange County departments and employees, except departments of <br /> elected officials. Elected officials may choose to follow the County's policy and procedures or <br /> develop an alternate policy. <br /> The School of Government (SOG) at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill encourages <br /> local governments to establish a County Commissioner/Elected Official travel policy as a best <br /> practice and for accountability. <br /> Over the years, the Clerk to the Board's Office has included travel guidelines as part of the new <br /> Commissioners' orientation guide and revised those guidelines as appropriate. <br /> Each County Commissioner receives a monthly car allowance of $200 for in-state travel. <br /> Note: The current annual operating budget does not include funding for travel and/or training <br /> items outside of the monthly car allowance. <br /> FINANCIAL IMPACT: Funding for conference registrations, training, and travel expenses are <br /> incorporated as part of the County's Annual Operating Budget. No additional expenses are <br /> anticipated with the development of this policy. <br />