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1?R0 00 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> PROCLAMATION <br /> FAIR HOUSING MONTH <br /> WHEREAS , April 11 , 2020 marked the 52" d anniversary of Title VIIl of the Civil Rights Act <br /> of 1968 (formally known as the Fair Housing Act) and the 37th anniversary of the <br /> North Carolina Fair Housing Act prohibiting discrimination in housing on the <br /> basis of race , color, sex , religion, national origin, disability and familial status ; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS , the Orange County Board of Commissioners enacted the Orange County Civil <br /> Rights Ordinance on June 6 , 1994 , which affords to the residents of Orange <br /> County the protections guaranteed by the Fair Housing Act and additionally <br /> encompasses the protected classes of Veteran Status and Age ; and <br /> WHEREAS , Orange County and the U . S . Department of Housing and Urban Development as <br /> well as concerned residents and the housing industry are working to make fair <br /> housing opportunities possible for everyone by encouraging others to abide by the <br /> letter and the spirit of fair housing laws ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the U . S . Department of Housing and Urban Development annually declares the <br /> month of April as National Fair Housing Month, designating Call HUD : Because <br /> Sexual Harassment In Housing is Illegal as the national theme and Orange <br /> County has designated Closing the Door on Housing Discrimination as its theme <br /> in 2020 ; and <br /> WHEREAS , despite the protections afforded by the Orange County Civil Rights Ordinance <br /> and the Fair Housing Act, illegal housing discrimination still occurs in our nation <br /> and within our County ; and <br /> WHEREAS , by supporting and promoting fair housing and equal opportunity , we are <br /> contributing to the strength of our County, State and Nation ; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE , we , the Board of County Commissioners of Orange County North <br /> Carolina, do proclaim April 2020 as FAIR HOUSING MONTH and commend this observance <br /> to all Orange County residents . <br /> This the 21 St day of April 2020 . <br /> 152 <br /> / Penny Rich, Chair <br /> a Orange County Board of Commissioners <br /> ot. fr % 0% <br />