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2 <br /> Juneteenth will be observed on June 19' each year. If June 19t" falls on a Saturday, the holiday <br /> will be observed on Friday, June 18t", and if June 19t" falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be <br /> observed on June 20t" <br /> FINANCIAL IMPACT: The total annual cost for FY2020-2021 for permanent salaries, social <br /> security, Medicare and retirement is $63,733,708. A daily cost of $245,129. The financial <br /> impact of adding an extra holiday (changing from a regular workday to a holiday) is on average <br /> approximately $61,000. <br /> SOCIAL JUSTICE IMPACT: The following Orange County Social Justice Goal is applicable to <br /> this item: <br /> • GOAL: FOSTER A COMMUNITY CULTURE THAT REJECTS OPPRESSION AND <br /> INEQUITY <br /> The fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race or color; <br /> religious or philosophical beliefs; sex, gender or sexual orientation; national origin or <br /> ethnic background; age; military service; disability; and familial, residential or economic <br /> status. <br /> ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: There are no Orange County Environmental Responsibility Goal <br /> impacts associated with this abstract. <br /> RECOMMENDATION(S): The Manager recommends that the Board approve and authorize the <br /> Chair to sign the proposed Resolution recognizing June 19, Juneteenth, as a paid holiday for <br /> Orange County government employees effective upon approval by the Board, and approve the <br /> atached revision to Article IV — Employee Benefits Section 28-33 — Holidays and Holiday Pay of <br /> the Orange County Code of Ordinances. <br />