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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br /> Meeting Date: September 1, 2020 <br /> Action Agenda <br /> Item No. 6-a <br /> SUBJECT: Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Text Amendments — Clarification of <br /> Setbacks from the West Fork on the Eno Reservoir <br /> DEPARTMENT: Planning and Inspections <br /> ATTACHMENT(S): INFORMATION CONTACT: <br /> 1. Aerial Photos of the West Fork on the Craig Benedict, Director, (919) 245-2575 <br /> Eno Reservoir Michael D. Harvey, Planner III, (919) 245-2597 <br /> 2. Excerpt from November 6, 2019 <br /> Ordinance Review Committee (ORC) <br /> Meeting <br /> 3. Excerpt of February 5, 2020 Planning <br /> Board Minutes and Signed Statement of <br /> Consistency <br /> 4. Public Hearing Legal Ad <br /> 5. Statement of Consistency <br /> 6. UDO Text Amendment(s) <br /> 7. Excerpt from March 10, 2020 BOCC <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> 8. March 10, 2020 Memo Package to <br /> BOCC Concerning Impacts to 2520 Carr <br /> Store Road <br /> PURPOSE: To receive the Planning Board recommendation and prior public comment, and <br /> consider action on Planning Director initiated Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) text <br /> amendments revising/updating existing guidelines associated with the enforcement of reservoir <br /> setbacks for structures and septic systems. <br /> NOTE: This item was continued on April 7, 2020 to this date due to COVID. Staff (including the <br /> Planning Director) provided requested information to BOCC within a few weeks of the original <br /> item to clarify the amendment. <br /> Specifically, the amendment seeks to establish the effective date for the expansion of the West <br /> Fork on the Eno reservoir. If approved, the amendment will create an exemption for parcels and <br /> development (i.e. structures and septic systems) established prior to the creation/expansion of <br /> the reservoir, specifically February 12, 1997. <br />