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2 <br /> RES-2020-044 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> RESOLUTION OF RECOGNITION FOR JUDICIAL DISTRICT 15-B CHIEF <br /> DISTRICT COURT JUDGE JOSEPH MOODY BUCKNER UPON HIS <br /> RETIREMENT <br /> WHEREAS, Judge Joseph M. Buckner has served as the Chief District Court Judge <br /> in Orange and Chatham counties since 1996, when he was appointed by the Chief <br /> Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court; and <br /> WHEREAS, Judge Buckner has served as a district court judge since his election in <br /> 1994 and has been re-elected by the residents of Orange and Chatham counties <br /> six more times; and <br /> WHERAS, Judge Buckner previously served as the President of the N.C. <br /> Conference of District Court Judges and Chief District Court Judges as well serving <br /> as a member of the N.C. Governor's Crime Commission and the Commission on <br /> Juvenile Crime; and <br /> WHEREAS, Judge Buckner supervises the administration of more than 50,000 <br /> cases per year, in addition to supervising the magistrates and the trial and judicial <br /> assignments for all the court sessions; and <br /> WHEREAS, Judge Buckner oversees the Clerk of Superior Court in the discharge of <br /> duties, administers the drawing of jury panels, the setting of specialized court <br /> sessions including criminal dockets, domestic issues, traffic, family violence, child <br /> support, mental health and substance use commitments, juvenile delinquency, <br /> child abuse and neglect and felony pleas; and <br /> WHEREAS, Judge Buckner has been a champion for individuals with mental health <br /> and substance use disorders in our community, and started North Carolina's first <br /> mental health diversion court (Community Resource Court) over twenty years <br /> ago, with CRC remaining a model for the state; and <br /> WHEREAS, Judge Buckner started and has strongly supported the District's first <br /> drug treatment courts: Recovery Court and Family Treatment Court; and <br />