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2 <br /> <br />Maps identifying the location of the amendment area and recommended future land uses <br />are attached. Currently, the area is zoned Rural Residential (R-1). While the County is not <br />initiating rezoning at this time, developer initiated rezoning(s) are anticipated. Following are <br />the definitions of the applicable future land use classifications: <br /> <br />Joint Land Use Plan Future Land Use Classification <br />“Suburban Office Complex” – These areas provide opportunities to for office and <br />employment enterprises which do not rely on walk-in customers or have a manufacturing <br />component. Businesses may be large or small but will generally arrange themselves in a <br />campus setting with limited walkability and supporting services. Developments of this type <br />should be kept small in nature to limit the peak transportation impact and limited vitality. <br /> <br />Orange County Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Classification <br />“Economic Development Transition Activity Node” - Land in areas of the County which has <br />been specifically targeted for economic development activity consisting of light industrial, <br />distribution, office, service/retail uses, and flex space (typically one-story buildings <br />designed, constructed, and marketed as suitable for use as offices but able to <br />accommodate other uses such as a warehouse, showroom, manufacturing assembly, or <br />similar operations.) Such areas are located adjacent to interstate and major arterial <br />highways, and subject to special design criteria and performance standards. <br /> <br />2