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DRAFT Date Prepared: 06/03/20 <br /> Date Revised: 06/09/20 <br /> BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions <br />(Individuals with a * by their name are the lead facilitators for the group of individuals responsible for an item) <br />Meeting <br />Date <br />Task Target <br />Date <br />Person(s) <br />Responsible <br />Status <br />6/2/20 Review and consider request by Commissioner Price that <br />the County require all transit riders to wear masks since <br />over 60% of transit drivers are African Americans, a <br />vulnerable population <br />6/16/2020 Chair/Vice <br />Chair/Manager <br />Theo Letman <br /> DONE <br />6/2/20 Review and consider request by Commissioner Dorosin that <br />staff investigate and provide information to the Board on the <br />validity of the University possibly no longer capturing <br />methane gas at the Orange County landfill and possible <br />financial and other ramifications <br />7/1/2020 Robert Williams Staff to investigate and provide <br />information to the Board <br />6/2/20 Conform Advisory Board Policy based on updates approved <br />by the Board regarding remote meetings <br />7/1/2020 John Roberts DONE <br />6/2/20 Move forward with second round of Small Business Loan <br />Fund based on BOCC discussion and approval, including <br />unallocated money from Round 1 <br />9/1/2020 Gary Donaldson Process to move forward <br />6/2/20 Send out a press release, create flyers and small hand-outs, <br />and send out emails announcing Round 2 of the Small <br />Business Loan Fund, and emphasize opportunities for <br />minority and women-owned businesses <br />9/1/2020 Gary Donaldson <br />Todd McGee <br />Press release and other materials <br />planned for Round 2 <br />