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<br />Chapel Hill – Carrboro City Schools ($436,000): <br />Athletic Facilities ($96,000) – Project #54002 <br />Doors/Hardware/Canopies (75,000) – Project #53023 <br />Electrical Systems ($125,000) – Project #53026 <br />Rental Space ($140,000) – Project #54019 <br /> <br />FINANCIAL IMPACT: The total Lottery Proceeds requested from the NCDPI for Chapel Hill– <br />Carrboro City Schools is $436,000. <br /> <br />SOCIAL JUSTICE IMPACT: There is no Orange County Social Justice Goal associated with <br />this agenda item. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: There are no Orange County Environmental Responsibility Goal <br />impacts associated with this agenda item. <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION(S): The Manager recommends that the Board of County Commissioners <br />approve, and authorize the Chair to sign, the application for North Carolina Education Lottery <br />Proceeds; and approve Budget Amendment #11-A receiving the Lottery Proceeds, contingent <br />on NCDPI’s approval of the application. <br />2