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<br />of material from a “Do It Yourself” project. The proposed 36 cubic feet quantity was determined <br />using a pickup truck with a 6 foot bed, which is equal to 90 cubic feet of space. Because of <br />limited space and to discourage business usage, 36 cubic feet of material is proposed to be the <br />maximum amount of construction and demolition debris that can accepted. <br /> <br />To further support those goals, the proposed revision to the Ordinance would require that proof <br />of residency be provided prior to unloading of material, hired contractors could not use the <br />Center, and loads exceeding the designated limits will not be accepted. In addition, customers <br />attempting to enter a Center with loads exceeding 36 cubic feet of construction and demolition <br />waste would be declined and not permitted to dispose of any material. <br /> <br />The amendments as proposed also specify the types of waste deemed construction and <br />demolition wastes for this purpose. The materials are those items that are allowed at the <br />Orange County Construction and Demolition Landfill. Containers for the allowable construction <br />and demolition waste would be available at the Eubanks, Walnut Grove, High Rock and <br />Ferguson Centers. Materials delivered to the C&D containers would then be delivered to the <br />Orange County Construction and Demolition Landfill. (It should be noted that there is not <br />sufficient space to collect material at the Bradshaw Quarry Center, and individuals bringing <br />allowable C&D material to that location will be directed to another Center.) <br /> <br />FINANCIAL IMPACT: Current conservative estimates are that 20-25% of bulky wastes <br />delivered to the Waste and Recycling Centers are construction and demolition wastes. Tipping <br />fees for those materials are estimated to be $75,000-$88,000 per year. Increasing the amount <br />of allowable construction and demolition wastes may result in the tipping fees paid to outside <br />vendors to go down $75,000-$88,000 per year resulting in a net decrease in anticipated costs of <br />approximately $10,000. <br /> <br />SOCIAL JUSTICE IMPACT: There is no Orange County Social Justice Goal impact associated <br />with this item. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The following Orange County Environmental Responsibility Goal <br />impact is applicable to this item: <br />• ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND WASTE REDUCTION <br />Initiate policies and programs that: 1) conserve energy; 2) reduce resource consumption; <br />3) increase the use of recycled and renewable resources; and 4) minimize waste stream <br />impacts on the environment. <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION(S): The Manager recommends that the Board: <br />1) approve the attached proposed resolution amending the Solid Waste Ordinance with the <br />amendments becoming effective August 3, 2020; <br />2) direct solid waste staff to consistently enforce Section 34-40 of the Solid Waste <br />Ordinance related to construction and demolition waste as set forth in the amended <br />Ordinance beginning August 3, 2020; and <br />3) in the interim, pursue a public education effort to inform the public and also make signage <br />improvements at the various Centers to educate the public and enhance administration of <br />the Ordinance provisions. <br /> <br />2