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ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> PROCLAMATION RECOGNIZING THE 100T " YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE <br /> 19T " AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION <br /> WHEREAS , an organized movement to enfranchise women began in July 1848 at a convention in <br /> Seneca Falls , New York ; and <br /> WHEREAS , through the efforts of brave and courageous women referred to as suffragists who <br /> sacrificed family , personal life and financial resources for over seventy years to gain equal rights for women , <br /> especially the right to vote ; and <br /> WHEREAS , women and men of all colors and cultures supported the women ' s suffrage movement <br /> in order for women to gain the Constitutional right of having a voice in making the laws that govern them ; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS , Chapel Hill resident Barbara Bynum Henderson , UNC class of 1902 (AB & MA ) , Phi <br /> Beta Kappa , organized and was elected president of the Equal Suffrage League of North Carolina in 1913 , <br /> and was unanimously re - elected for a second term in 1915 ; and <br /> WHEREAS , Barbara Bynum Henderson carried the battle for women Is suffrage to the North Carolina <br /> General Assembly when a special session was called to consider woman suffrage % and <br /> WHEREAS , the woman ' s suffrage movement led to the passage of the 19t " Amendment to the <br /> Constitution of the United States in 1919 , with ratification by the states by the summer of 1920 ; and <br /> WHEREAS , North Carolina delayed ratifying the 19th amendment until 1971 ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the National Woman Suffrage Association dissolved in 1920 to create the League of <br /> Women Voters of the United States in order to register voters and educate all voters ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the League of Women Voters of North Carolina was launched on October 7 , 1920 on <br /> the steps of the Guilford County Courthouse by Gertrude Weil , a politically active and tireless young woman <br /> from Goldsboro , North Carolina ; and <br /> WHEREAS , more than 120 , 000 women were registered to vote in North Carolina by 1920 ; and <br /> WHEREAS , women today constitute a majority vote in the State of North Carolina and the United <br /> States and are running for office in higher numbers and more active in the election process than ever before <br /> in history , <br /> NOW THEREFORE the Orange County Board of County Commissioners does hereby recognize the <br /> 100t " anniversary of women gaining the right to vote ; and <br /> FURTHERMORE that Orange County Board of County Commissioners does hereby recognize the <br /> 1001 " anniversary of the founding of the League of Women Voters in the United States and in North Carolina <br /> and applauds the members of the League of Women Voters for the impact its historic accomplishments <br /> have made on public engagement and the civic life of the community , the state and the nation . <br /> "cizl c'z' <br /> ' I F _IJN1 <br /> This the 10t " day of March , 2020 . <br /> Penny Rich , Chair <br /> ,3 Orange County Board of Commissioners <br />