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DRAFT Date Prepared: 02/06/20 <br /> Date Revised: 03/05/20 <br /> BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions <br /> (Individuals with a*by their name are the lead facilitators for the groupof individuals res onsible for an item) <br /> Meeting Task Target Person(s) Status <br /> Date Date Responsible <br /> 2/4/20 Review and consider request by Commissioner Dorosin, 3/1/2020 Travis Myren DONE <br /> echoed by Commissioner Rich, that staff provide a 1-page Gary Donaldson <br /> document outlining the budget process as it relates to <br /> schools, along with the Board's and School Board's <br /> 06- respective authority, and the monitoring that occurs after <br /> budget approval is -AM <br /> 2/4/20 Review and consider request by Commissioner Price, 3/24/2020 Donna Baker Information to be developed <br /> echoed by Commissioner Rich, that the Board recognize <br /> David Caldwell on his retirement from the Sheriff's Office <br /> 2/4/20 Review and consider request by Commissioner McKee that 4/23/2020 John Roberts Item proposed for April 23, 2020 <br /> the Board schedule a discussion on the beginning meetings work session <br /> with the Pledge of Allegiance <br /> 2/4/20 Provide the Board with information from the Sheriff's 10/1/2020 Jim Northrup Staff to pursue providing <br /> Department, Emergency Services and Information Travis Myren information for potential Board <br /> Technologies on the infrastructure, status, needs, and work session discussion <br /> urgency of specific projects for potential discussion at a <br /> work session <br /> 2/4/20 Follow-up on and provide information to the Board on 4/7/2020 Brennan Bouma To be followed up <br /> school solar panel concerns related to the climate action tax <br /> projects, including info on roof replacements schedule, roof <br /> warranties concerns, etc. <br /> 2/4/20 Provide copies of reports to the Board in the future on the 4/1/2020 Gary Donaldson Reports to be provided <br /> school projects that are being closed out and funds re- Paul Laughton <br /> purposed, and provide more explanation for the Board <br />