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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br /> Meeting Date: March 10, 2020 <br /> Action Agenda <br /> Item No. 8-k <br /> SUBJECT: Lease of 1000 Corporate Drive, Suites 401 and 402, Hillsborough <br /> DEPARTMENT: Asset Management Services <br /> (AMS) <br /> ATTACHMENT(S): INFORMATION CONTACT: <br /> Lease of 1000 Corporate Drive Steven Arndt, AMS Director, <br /> 919-245-2628 <br /> Alan Dorman, AMS Assistant Director, <br /> 919-245-2627 <br /> PURPOSE: To approve and authorize the Manager to sign a lease of 1000 Corporate Drive, <br /> Suites 401 and 402, in Hillsborough upon final review by the County Attorney. <br /> BACKGROUND: During 2019, occupants of the John M. Link, Jr. Government Services Center <br /> were moved to alternative office locations to allow for the performance of moisture remediation <br /> activities. In April 2019, the staff of the Human Rights and Relations and the County Attorney's <br /> Offices were relocated to a small rental office suite located at 105 W. Corbin Street in <br /> Hillsborough. Originally, the move was envisioned to be short term, and staff has been able to <br /> work with less than ideal circumstances. For instance, the walls separating offices are not very <br /> sound proof, which impacts the ability of staff to discuss sensitive legal matters. In addition, <br /> offices are small, cramped, and lack adequate meeting space. <br /> Unfortunately, conditions within the Link Center continued to deteriorate and at the November 7, <br /> 2019 Board of County Commisioners meeting, a decision was made to relocate all staff from the <br /> building. Planning efforts are now underway to determine the best approach to resolve the long <br /> term facilities needs of Orange County. <br /> Due to changing circumstances, the Human Rights and Relations and the County Attorney's <br /> Offices now require office space that can better serve the needs. Vacant office space at 1000 <br /> Corporate Drive, located across the street from the Sportsplex, is a little larger and configured in <br /> a way to better accommodate both departments. <br /> The cost of the lease for the first 12 months would be $45,600, with a 3% increase each year <br /> after the base year. Additional renovations, budgeted at $91,850, would be necessary. <br /> Renovations include adding fiber to the facility, new paint and carpet, and improvements to a <br /> conference room. <br /> The County would be responsible for all interior maintenance, cleaning, and utilities. <br />