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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br /> Meeting Date: March 10, 2020 <br /> Action Agenda <br /> Item No. 8-f <br /> SUBJECT: City of Durham's Teer Quarry Reservoir— Letter of "No Objection" from Orange <br /> County Related to the Voluntary Eno River Capacity Use Agreement <br /> DEPARTMENT: Planning & Inspections <br /> ATTACHMENTS: INFORMATION CONTACTS: <br /> 1. City of Durham Request for "No Objection" Letter Craig Benedict, Planning Director, <br /> 2. City of Durham Letters to NCDWR 919-245-2592 <br /> (Project Description and Conditions) Christopher Sandt, Staff Engineer, <br /> 3. Executed "No Objection" Letters from Partners 919-245-2583 <br /> 4. Orange County "No Objection" Letter <br /> PURPOSE: To approve and authorize the Chair to sign a letter of "No Objection" from Orange <br /> County related to the City of Durham's proposed initiative to withdraw excess water from the <br /> Eno River for the purposes of filling the City of Durham's Teer Quarry Reservoir in conformance <br /> with the existing Voluntary Eno River Capacity Use Agreement and additional guidelines agreed <br /> upon by the North Carolina Division of Water Resources (NCDWR). <br /> BACKGROUND: Orange County has received a written request from Sydney Miller (Water <br /> Resources Manager, City of Durham Department of Water Management) for Orange County to <br /> provide a letter of "No Objection" regarding the City's proposal for filling the Teer Quarry <br /> Reservoir. The City's written request to Orange County is provided at Attachment 1. <br /> In 1988, Orange County became party to the Voluntary Eno River Capacity Use Agreement <br /> (Agreement). The Agreement is intended to preserve a minimum flow in the Eno River, even <br /> during times of drought, by restricting the amount of water that major users can withdraw from <br /> the Eno River. The Agreement is specific to the Upper Eno River basin, starting from the Eno <br /> River headwaters in Orange County and ending at its confluence with the Little River in Durham <br /> County. The seven (7) water users who are part of the Agreement are the Town of <br /> Hillsborough, Orange-Alamance Water System (OAWS), Piedmont Minerals (now Resco <br /> Products, Inc), the City of Durham (City), the West Point Grist Mill, large irrigators whose <br /> monthly average withdrawals exceed 100,000 gallons per day, and Orange County. Orange <br /> County is party to the Agreement because at the time of Agreement execution, Lake Orange <br /> was the only public water supply reservoir on the Eno River in Orange County. <br /> The Agreement sets forth a release schedule from Lake Orange to supply the seven water <br /> users identified in the Agreement with sufficient water based on their allocations and to provide <br /> minimum in-stream flows in the Eno River during drought periods. The operating conditions and <br /> water withdrawals limits defined within the Agreement are based upon average daily river flows <br /> measured at the USGS Eno River at Hillsborough gauge (USGS Gauge #02085000) which is <br /> located on the Eno River near downtown Hillsborough. <br />