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Community Advisory Committee Quarterly/Annual Visitation Report <br />County: Orange Facility Type: Nursing Home <br /> <br />Facility Name/Address: Pruitt Carolina Point, 5935 Mt. Sinai Rd, <br />Durham, NC 27705 <br /> <br />Visit Date: 01 / 07/ 2020 Time spent in facility: 1 hr 30 min Arrival time: 3pm <br />Name of person exit interview was held with: Phyllis Greer, RN, E Shift Nursing Supervisor Interview was held: in Person <br /> <br />Committee Members Present: Jerry Graham, Martha Bell Report Completed by: Martha Bell <br />Number of Residents who received personal visits from committee members: 9 and one family member <br />Resident Rights Information is clearly visible: Yes Ombudsman Contact Info is correct and clearly posted: Yes <br />The most recent survey was readily accessible: Yes <br />(Required for Nursing Homes Only) <br />Staffing information clearly posted: Yes <br /> Resident Profile Yes/No/NA Comments/Other Observations <br />1. Do the residents appear neat, clean and odor free? Yes <br />2. Did residents say they receive assistance with personal care <br />activities? Ex. brushing their teeth, combing their hair, inserting <br />dentures or cleaning their eyeglasses? No <br />2.One resident noted with inch long fingernails on <br />both hands; mentioned no one had offered to cut <br />nails in “a couple of months.” <br /> <br />3. Did you see or hear residents being encouraged to participate in <br />their care by staff members? <br />Yes <br />3.Many asleep or watching TV; one reading book. <br />Most staff observed around nursing station or <br />speaking with one another rather than interacting <br />w/residents. <br /> <br />4. Were residents interacting with staff, other residents & visitors? <br />Yes <br />4.See note under Item “3.” One resident <br />mentioned he wished “everyone would get along <br />better.” Asked to elaborate; said problem was both <br />staff to staff and resident to staff. <br />5. Did staff respond to or interact with residents who had difficulty <br />communicating or making their needs known verbally? N/A <br />6. Did you observe restraints in use? No <br />7. If so, did you ask staff about the facility’s restraint policies? N/A <br />Resident Living Accommodations Yes/No/NA Comments/Other Observations <br />8. Did residents describe their living environment as homelike? Yes <br />9. Did you notice unpleasant odors in commonly used areas? No <br />10. Did you see items that could cause harm or be hazardous? No 10. Several pieces of equipment noted in alcoves <br />leading to outside doors marked “not an exit.” <br />Concern that in an emergency might cause <br />resident confusion. Staff reported difficulty not <br />enough storage room in appropriately designated <br />areas. <br />11. Did residents feel their living areas were too noisy? N/A <br />12. Does the facility accommodate smokers? <br />Where? x Outside only <br />Yes <br />13. Were residents able to reach their call bells with ease? Yes <br />14. Did staff answer call bells in a timely & courteous manner? <br />If no, did you share this with the administrative staff? <br />No <br /> <br />14. “Courteous manner”: see follow-up comments <br />Resident Services Yes/No/NA Comments/Other Observations <br />15. Were residents asked their preferences or opinions about the <br />activities planned for them at the facility? <br />Yes 15. Two residents specifically mentioned <br />appreciating the Assistant Activities staff.. <br />16. Do residents have the opportunity to purchase personal items of <br />their choice using their monthly needs funds? <br />Can residents access their monthly needs funds at their <br />convenience? <br />N/A <br /> <br />N/A <br /> <br />17. Are residents asked their preferences about meal/snack choices? <br />Are they given a choice about where they prefer to dine? <br />N/A <br /> <br />17 Many dine in assigned room; visit not <br />conducted during meal hours <br />18. Do residents have privacy in making and receiving phone calls? yes