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Work Plan: Skilled Construction Trades Study Group <br /> Updated by Katie Loovis on January 3, 2020 <br /> Charge <br /> Compile an inventory of agencies participating in the work force development pipeline available <br /> to Orange County and assess the feasibility of a Tradescraft Center (See Appendix A). <br /> Process <br /> The Chamber will use action research (see Appendix B) to report on all ten deliverables <br /> (Appendix A) in collaboration with the Skilled Construction Trades Study Group (SCTSG) (see <br /> Appendix C) and other relevant parties as well as strong alignment with the <br /> Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce; Durham Technical Community College; the <br /> Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties; NC Works Career Center <br /> of Orange County; and the Regional Partnership Workforce Development Board. <br /> The process will involve in-depth research, surveys, and in-person meetings. The Chamber Vice <br /> President for External Affairs, Katie Loovis, MPA (a doctoral student focusing on workforce <br /> development), will serve as the project manager. Geographically, our focus will be on the <br /> laborshed and workforce needs of Orange County employers and the training needs of Orange <br /> County residents. The findings will culminate in a final report deliverable in May 2020. <br /> Timeline <br /> Phase I - Identify: Map Key Stakeholders and Research Best Programs <br /> [December 2019-January 2020] <br /> • What: This phase will research the current state of play as it relates to the skilled <br /> construction trades in the Orange County laborshed, including who are the stakeholders, <br /> what services are being provided, and what is best practice for the skilled construction <br /> trades, particularly as it relates to a training center. <br /> • Deliverables: Map deliverables 1, 2, and 3; research deliverable 5. <br /> o (1) Develop list of potential community pipelines for Tradescraft Training Center <br /> o (2) List of agencies who want to or are conducting training within the County. <br /> o (3) List of Placement Services. <br /> o (5) List of best practice programs in Tradescraft Training Programs. <br /> January in-person meeting with TTSG+ to review and discuss findings <br /> Phase II: Quantify: Survey Current and Future Needs <br /> [January 2020-February 2020] <br /> Page 1of12 <br />