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Z. <br /> Late exemption/exclusion application - GS 105-282.1(a1) S O C C FRH p O R o PEAL/P E RS O MIAL <br /> LATE EXEDuI TION1 EXCLUV©� <br /> FEBRUARY L 9 2020 <br /> ACCOUNT BILL ORIGINAL TAXABLE FINANCIAL <br /> NAME NUMBER YEAR VALUE VALUE IMPACT REASON FOR ADJUSTMENT <br /> Bins, Elsie 295548 2019 58,900 29,450 (438.18) Late application for exemption G.S.105-277.1 (homestead exemption) <br /> (438.18) Total <br /> *Circuit Breaker does not result in a reduction in value. The exemption received is based on the income of the tax a er. <br /> The spreadsheet represents the financial impact that approval of the requested release or refund would have on the principal amount of taxes. <br /> Approval of the release or refund of the principal tax amount also constitutes approval of the release or <br /> refund of all associated interest, penalties, fees, and costs appurtenant to the released or refunded principal tax amount. <br /> January 2, 2020 thru January 14, 2020 <br />